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Mar 09

Lollipops Albert Street

Posted by Heilie in childcare

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Let me start off by saying that about 6 months ago, our little boy and we as parents was happy with how things was with daycare, and there was a few things that I would have wanted to change, but I understood that looking after children is a full time job, and we cannot expect everything to be perfect. So why did it change 6 months ago? 

My child has been in the centre for +/- 17 months. New centre director started +/- 6 months ago, and we really started to feel that the standards of the daycare centre dropped drastically. We received no communication that the teamleader in my son's class has left, and who the new person was. I would pick my boy up in the afternoons from daycare, and it was like they couldn't make the effort to communicate to me how his day was. On their mission statement, they pride themselves with daily communication between staff and parents. Upon my enquiry they said they don't have enough staff after 5:30pm. Which brings me to my next point. On their website they advertise that they have excellent ratio's. Not true - they just comply with the required 1:10 ratio, and many times have I actually counted that their ratio is more than 1:10, definitely counted about 1:13 one day.  

Things like not cleaning his bottom properly at nappy change times, and putting on too small nappies (they provide the nappies) and so tightly that it left red marks on his bottom and tummy could only be resolved once we took photos and showed the staff, because they called us liars. 

Maybe before parents are accused of lying, the centre director should do an investigation, and get all the facts. My child was bitten twice and I asked out of curiosity was it a boy or girl, I was told off and said it has nothing to do with me, it is confidential. I did say to them that I did not ask for the whole history of this boy or girl, I thought it would be funny if my boy was bitten by a little girl. I do know things like this happens at daycare.  Obviously my boy took biting as an acceptable thing to do, and also bit another child 4 times - or so they say, because I do not know how they would be able to have allowed him to bite this child four times, if they were there to supervise, and stop it. The supervisor admitted that they did not see it happening. This was said to me in the open class room with lots of parents around picking up their children, no consideration to confidentiality was given to me, but I was told off when I ask if it was a boy or girl, and till today they say I am lying, because I apparantly demanded to know who the child is. When I picked up my child in the afternoons, he had other children's clothes, socks and shoes on. I was not happy with this, we kept on asking can they not put each child's clothes in a pigeon hole or bag with their name on. They do have these bags, but they don't use them, they just throw all the clothes on the floor and when it comes to getting them dressed, they don't know what clothes belong to which child. When I picked him up this Thursday it happened again, and I asked the supervisor if she would like to put on my shoes and socks, if that will be acceptable for her. She said no. She then proceeded to tell me that my boy put on the socks himself, that he must have stolen it from another child and then she changed her story and said that it only happened after 4pm. Their was just so many inconstancies in all her stories.

We just cannot trust them, as they just shift blame and responsibility without having any facts at all, or just not caring about the facts. The centre director called me and my husband liars, even though we have clearly proven in a couple of instances that the staff is lying.

In the last 6 months it has been one issue after another, ineptly handled and poorly resolved. It is amazing how almost 2 years of a good relationship with the teachers and the previous centre director can be destoyed within 6 short months.

 Very dissapointing experience, as put your child in their trust, but they do not deliver on their mission statement. Centre director also stated that her 14 month old grandchild can do so much more than my 2 + year old child. One would think that as a centre director of a childcare she would know and understand that each child development is unique, and not make insulting comments. Do not recommend. Just an update on this. Even though we are no longer at the daycare, they keep on sending us monthly statements, showing we owe them money. Once again this shows their poor administration skills, and how disorganised they are. Upon calling the centre director to inform them to please stop sending the statement, and that we do not owe them anything, she clearly had no idea what was going on in her own department/centre.

Sep 19

My bad experience with PORSE Kapiti as a Nanny

Posted by Julz in childcare

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I became a fully qualified Nanny in June 2006 at Wellington Nannies College. I then moved home to Kapiti to live with my parents and Nanny up there.

I joined PORSE as I had heard they were the most well known agency and I wanted to make sure I'd never be without a job. PORSE did a police check on me and of course it came back clear so they sent me to an interview.

Only 1hour after my interview I heard from PORSE Kapiti to say I'd got the job which was great as it was only 15 houses away from my parents house.

Jun 10

Tips and Questions to ask when looking at homebased care.

Posted by Bambina in nannies , In-Home Care , home based care , childcare

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I would like to offer some tips to those parents who want to choose homebased care:

* You need to trust your child's carer 110%. You will know if you feel this way, if you have ANY doubts my advice is to walk away, choose another carer or childcare centre. Don't wait to see if things 'get better'. Even if your child is unsettled and crying when you leave, you should still have a comfortable type feeling knowing that although your child is upset they will be nurtured, cared for and loved. If you have the slightest gut feeling something isn't right, don't just leave it. I truely believe mothers and fathers know best

* Visit lots before your child starts in care. This will allow your child to become familiar with their new environment and carer. I would encourage at least 3 settling visits, more if you can! Drop in at any time of the day, turn up without notice as this will ensure things are not just set up 'perfectly' for your visit.

May 08

What to Look for in a Child Care Provider

Posted by IonESSne54 in nurture

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The four factors to consider.

When looking for a Daycare, Kindergarten, or Preschool, consider four factors – environment, learning, fun, and values & nurture.

First, think about what your child needs.

You know your child better than anyone so, think about what your child needs.  About the type of environment they respond best in and feel most comfortable in.  About how easily they learn and about how they have fun.  About the values you want them to hear and take a hold of and the degree of nurture and individual attention they require.

When you’ve done that, you’re ready to visit some childcare centres and check them out.

May 08

Five Tips for Your First Year of Parenting

Posted by IonESSne54 in sleep patterns , newborn , health

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Parenting your newborn can be scary, especially if it’s your first child.  Here are a few tips to help put your mind at ease.

1. Take care of yourself.

Raising children is hard physically, emotionally and mentally.  Looking after yourself, eating healthily and getting adequate sleep and exercise, is vital for the welfare of you and your child. 

If time is an issue, include your child in your daily walk or exercise class.  On the emotional and mental level, give yourself time for an occasional break.  Find a relative, friend or neighbour who will look after your child regularly so you can get away, even if it’s only for an hour or two.

Feb 17

Our PORSE experience

Posted by Heilie in In-Home Care

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We had a really horrible experience with PORSE and the PORSE educator - our 10 month old boy was in her care for 4 weeks, and it was going really well (or we thought it was), until we asked her one morning that I see he hasn't been eating his fingerfoods (I supply his food on a daily basis) and she said that he refused, and that it is too much of an effort for her to try again. We asked her to please be patient and try, even if he doesn't take it - otherwise how will he learn.

The saddest thing was that when we went to her house before we made our decision to place him with her,we explained to her that he is still learning to eat the fingerfoods, and that he also is a active little baby boy. I also shared with her, that I was in an induced coma last year, when we found out I was 8 weeks pregnant, I had swine flu, and almost died, the doctors told my husband that their priority is to save my life, and they did not even think of the baby. However he turned out to be my miracle baby, because with all the steriods, and drugs, lack of oxygen, he is just perfect, and if the only negative thing about the whole experience is that he is a bit active, and wants to just know you are there while he is playing, why would we complain. 

Feb 12

Finding Childcare

Posted by Cristel in Untagged 

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When you are pregnant and later a just new mum, childcare seems far away. But you have to start thinking about it because a lot f the centres have waiting lists.

But how do you know what you want for your child and what would be practical and feasible. There are so many factors. 

The most important one should be what is best for my child and what fits best with my vision of raising a child. But very quickly the practicality starts pushing. How flexible are your work hours? How much can you spend on childcare? What location makes sense?

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